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Swap, analyze, earn, and propose on the leading decentralized ​utilized trading platform. Bruno is a portfolio tracker, accounting, and analytics tool token. Get an edge over everyone else by tracking the behavior and on-chain activity of prominent wallet addresses.


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Friendly to use apps for DeFi Traders.

Bruno offers apps and tools on the Ethereum network. Get started by reading our whitepaper and engage with our dashboard.

Bruno Analytics 

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is BRUNO token used for?

The Bruno token is an ERC-20 token. It provides faster and smoother outputs on Bruno Dapps by giving API requests priority to holders. 

Bruno also grants premium features and gives the holder permission to create proposals and give out votes on the Governance section.

Find more about the privileges on our Dapp.

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How do I use the Bruno applications?


Bruno applications are very simple to interact with and friendly to use.

To create a new liquidity pool, provide liquidity, swap tokens, sniff tokens, track ​redistribution, or vote on governance proposals head over to the Bruno Interface and connect a Web3 wallet, for example (Metamask). Remember, each transaction on Ethereum costs Ether (ETH) as a gas fee. 

Check out more on Etherscan Information Center.

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What are Bruno Decentralized Applications (Dapps)?

Bruno Dapps is the utility token, to offer and fund the solutions for Decentralized Finance.

Our Applications are following:

Hyper Advanced Swap, aggregates decentralized exchanges and synthetic asset providers to provide liquidity for your trade at the best price.

Redistribution Tracker, ​wallet tracker where users can track their Redistribution and rewards out of various tokens usage, current token valuations, wallet balance, and more. 

Governance, ​​The Bruno token enables community ownership and active stewardship of the Ecosystem by creating proposals.

There are 5 other utilities being worked on,
for a more in-depth description, check out the Whitepaper.

Bruno's Ecosystem is kindly accepting donations in ERC-20

We are a fully decentralized, community-powered project. Thanks to our amazing community, generous contributors, and thoughtful volunteers, we are able to further establish, develop and grow Bruno globally. Contributions of any size are welcome, very much appreciated, and will position us to leverage the resources necessary to fuel our growth!


Accepted: Any ERC20 token